Monday, June 04, 2007

As we are waiting for the arrival of the Cowboy special, which also will be the issue number 200 of Lion Comics, I think it is appropriate to recollect a Hot Line published in the 50th Lion issue Dragon Nagaram. Particularly read the letter from R Amutha(also known as Chinnanchiru Gopu). As per schedule, 200th issue would have got released sometime in 2000. However we are in 2007 and still waiting for the 200th issue. Better late than never.

Take a look at the hot line and the cover of the 50th issue.

Let us recall one more landmark issue. Take a look at the hot line of the issue number 150 and cover of the issue.

Though the issue number 200 was not released in 2000, issue number 157 will remain as a milestone of this period. Titled as the Millenium special, this was the highlight of the year 2000 as far as Tamil comics is concerned. I'm not going deep into this issues as most of the readers would have read the book very recently. So only the cover scan of this landmark issue is posted here.

I'll do a review of issue number 200 as and when it is released.