Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm sure you are surprised to see another posting immediately (by my standards) after the last one :-)

This January(2008), when I was in India Mr Haja Ismail(Saudi Arabia), a long time comics enthusiast, visited me. I'm meeting him after fours years. Our last meeting was in Saudi Arabia in 2004. Though we talk regularly over phone, meeting in person is something special. We had a long discussion about, you guessed right, Comics.

He has shown me many interesting comics memorablia, which he has collected over the years, first as a distributor and then as a collector. Some of the things are really rare, like the posters, sample covers etc, meant only for the book shops and distributors. Lucky fellow!!!

Whatever he has in his collection is scanned to the extent possible, and they will feature in the forthcoming blog posts here. A big thanks to him!!!.

First to come is the ads for the Muthu and other comic issues, that have appeared in old Kalkandu, Gokulam issues.

I'm sure many of you feel very nostalgic about the issues advertised.

One has the cover scan of Malaimathi Comics(in Black & White though). I have few covers of Malaimathi Comics, collected from many sources. I'll post them soon. Couple of the covers are posted below, as a teaser preview :-)

Happy reading!!!



Rafiq Raja said...

Some Vintage Scans... I remember those days when I used to request the shopkeepers to sell me the promotional posters which they receive for Rani Comics (Don't remember seeing any of Muthu/Lion though), and use to cut-out the newspaper advertisements and store them along with the respective comic book. What a feeling that used to be.

By the way, was the Malaimathi Comics, anyway connected to the Daily Thanthi publications. I wonder the two covers you have posted, also were the exact same (2 frames model) when they were printed in Rani Comics. Maybe they were the original covers itself.

Rafiq Raja said...
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Rafiq Raja said...

Managed to get the Rani Comics Covers scanned, which I was referring to.

Check out....

Rani 131 Kulla Nariyil Oru Kalla Nari
Rani 134 Panapetti Marainda Mayam

The only probable reason could be that they were both offshooted from the Originals.

bn_USA said...

Malaimathi was (and still is) from Kumudam publications. They switched from comics to Tamil novels in the mid 70's. I was a subscriber then.

bn_usa said...

Couldn't stop laughing when I saw the Rani cover naming Cicso Kid as "Disco Kid" :)

Rafiq Raja said...

A friend messaged me about Chennai Chronicle newspaper carrying an article on Tamil Comics, with factually incorrect data including of Muthufan. While I couldn't see the source, there is a similar newspaper content in another newspaper today.

Asian Age-Tamil Comics

I couldn't stop laughing on terming Muthufan as Muthu, and terming him as a mass uploader of tamil comics to its entirety on net, and citing factual errors as if he was interviewed directly. Gosh !!!