Saturday, October 23, 2010


The wait........ almost over!!!!


King Viswa said...

It is Over.(At least for Me).

King Viswa said...

Dear MF,

Thanks for the fantastic Cover Gallery.

If you remember, In the Third part of the Blade Trilogy (A Series you will Never Watch for it's theme)the opening lines are something like this:

The saga started with Blade ..........
And, it will End with Blade.

Likewise, the Passion for Tamil Comics online was started with MF & It will be Re-Started By MF Himself.


King Viswa said...

One More Post on this special:

சிங்கத்தின் தீபாவளி ஸ்டார்ட்ஸ்...

சிபி said...


Me the 2nd..

சிபி said...

புலி வருது புலி வருது

என்று இருந்த எங்களுக்கு ( ஏன் எல்லா காமிக்ஸ் பிரியர்கள் / ரசிகர்கள் )

இந்த தீபாவளி ஒரு நினைத்து பார்க்க இயலாத மறக்க முடியாத

அமையப்போவதை நினைக்கும்போதே
உடம்பெல்லாம் புல்லரிக்குது போங்க தலைவரே

சிபி said...

அப்பாடா ரொம்ப நாளைக்கு அப்புறமா
டாக்டருக்கும் ஒலக காமிக்ஸ் ரசிகனுக்கும் முன்னாடி பின்னூட்டம் போட்டாச்சு :))

அப்ப இந்த தீபாவளி சூப்பர் தான் ;-)

சிபி said...

// It is Over.(At least for Me). //

Awaiting from yesterday onwards .......

BN USA said...

That's good news. I hope I get mine in a month.

King Viswa said...

//That's good news. I hope I get mine in a month//

Yes, That too wrapped in a Nice Cover in a perfect condition.

Get Ready to lift India's Biggest Comics Book.

Mahesh kumar said...

Dear MF,

Wow, great....
My wait from 1986 will get over soon.
Thanks for letting us to know about it..
With warm regards,

saranr said...

Thanks for the good news boss.

SIV said...

இனிய அதிர்ச்சி....
XIII - வருக வருக

இப்போதே கேட்டு விடுகிறேன்
"அடுத்த பெரிய project எப்போ சார்???"

saranr said...


I've registered for the book within top 10 guys(i'm 7th in the list).
Should I wait more or contact lion office someway to know why i havn't received yet?


King Viswa said...

Dear Saravanan,

Kindly contact the office on monday morning and tell them that you haven't received it and remind them to send it.

Most probably they have already sent this and the courier (First Flight) is somewhere delayed.

saranr said...

Thanks Viswa.

Yes my deepavali have just arrived :)

For now daydreaming/enjoying by just having the book in hand and sitting out in the balcony early in the sun rise and during the sun set. I think everyone are going through the same or some type of emotion!

Just want to thank Mr.Vijayan for such an milestone and each and everyone of the comics family for this acheivement.

Please convey my regards to lion family.



Why Mr Vijayan is bother selling collectors special and his comics (even his unsold previous issues) through agents. The best way to sell his publications is through It is quite easy for the seller and the buyer.