Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Follow up posting!!!

Not One, Not Two, Not Three, but 12 full stories in this book!!!

Yes, that's right, 12 stories. From D82 to D93(or is it D145 to D156?). From 30 Jan 1967 to 30 Aug 1969, nearly two and half years of Al Willamson treat, page after page. Yummy!!!

Let me start describing the book, page by page, section by section.

It has a solid feel just like the Rip Kirby hard bound books, only better this time. Beautiful dust jacket and if you remove it what you will get. This!!!

You have already seen the book with dust jacket inside the shrink wrap.

Info on the dust jacket.

Front(A brief resume about this book)

Back(A brief resume of Al Williamson and Archie Goodwin)

Page 3 has this design

Page 4 is for credits

Mark Schultz starts his Intro from Page 5 and ends it in page 8.

Page 9 points the way to the strips, using a pistol as pointer.

Main story starts from page 10, with three strips per page, so facing pages cover one full week. For example, page 10 has the strips from 30 Jan 67 to 01 Feb 67 and the facing page 11 has the strips from 02 Feb 67 to 04 Feb 67.

The quality of the strip reproduction is much better than the Rip Kirby strips, mainly because these were reproduced from Al Williamson's own personal proofs.

Here are the list of stories:

D082 Marine Operation 30/01/1967- 08/04/1967

D083 Death In The Caribbean 10/04/1967- 01/07/1967

D084 Blood For A Key 03/07/1967- 09/09/1967

D085 Conditioning Process 11/09/1967- 02/12/1967

D086 A Jewel For Blackmail 04/12/1967- 17/02/1968

D087 Army Contraband 19/02/1968- 04/05/1968

D088 Hell At Eagle Bend 06/05/1968- 27/07/1968

D089 Information Leak 29/07/1968- 12/10/1968

D090 Sophia's Twin                                          14/10/1968- 04/01/1969

D091 Madame Lei                                            06/01/1969- 15/03/1969

D092 The Fugitive                                             17/03/1969- 14/06/1969

D093 Pirate Submarine                                      16/06/1969- 30/08/1969

I'm not sure about the daily story numbers. It varies from source to source. This list is compiled is by Dr 7, so I use it as it is.

First page from Marine Operation

First page from Death in the Caribbean

First page from Blood for a key

First page from Conditioning Process

First page from A jewel for blackmail

First page from Army Contraband

First page from Hell at eagle bend

First page from Information Leak

First page from Sophia's Twin

First page from Madame Lei

First page from The Fugitive

First page from Pirate Submarine

The treat continues till page 279. As I can observe from the book, the quality of the art work inproves with each passing week. It may be that he has refined the art work or the quality of reproduction is better in the later weeks.

Page 280 gives a glimpse of what is to come in the next volume(I Just can't wait)

Bruce Canwell talks about 'The Not-So_Secret agent' from page 281 to 285.

Cover artworks for the other strips published by IDW and The Library of American Comics occupies page 286 and 287.

Detailed resume of Al Williamson and Archie Goodwin adorns the page 288.

Overall the book is damn good, something every comics collector should have in his collection.

Some of the stories have already appeared in Tamil.

Mekala # 5 had two stories

D86 A Jewel for Blackmail has appeared in Mekala under the title '

ஓட ஓட விரட்டப்பட்ட சீனத்து ஒற்றன்'

In case you are wondering why the first page of the English original and this varies, it is becasue the Mekala version starts almost 3 weeks after the original starting of the story(but story is covered by the Kathai Surukkam)

D87 has appeared as 'புதைபொருளும் புதைக்கப்பட்ட பொருளும்'

Mekala # 6 had one story.

D88 has appeared as 'கழுகுப் பார்வை'

 But I'm sure some more stories also have appeared in Tamil(only guessing).

Some of these stories have already appeared in Pioneer Comics and Comics Art Showcase before.

What I felt as the main difference between the Rip Kirby books and Secret Agent was that I could immerse immediately in the story. As Vedha pointed out there was something missing in the Rip Kirby books, which I feel is the art work. As we are not used to Alex Raymond art work, it is difficult to get involved. Just my 2 cents!

Well, that's all for now.
Happy Reading!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hope you remember that I have done a posting about Secret Agent Corrigan's forthcoming book some time back.

It was originally scheduled to be released in August 2010. And as soon as the book status was changed to available in Amazon, I have placed my order there. But to my disappointment, I have later found that the release date is postponed to 21 Sep 2010. In fact, I have placed the order for this book along with many other books I wanted to buy for the past many months together. But the centrepiece was this Secret Agent issue. So when I have realised that this will come out only on 21 Sep 2010, I have cancelled the entire order. This has happened in Aug 2010.

Fast forward to today. I have visited a local book shop to pick up some books for a friend of mine. As I was moving to the section from where I need to pick up the book, I have noticed a trolley on the way with a broken wheel. On top of the stack was this Corrigan book. I couldn't believe my eyes. As far as I know, my place is not such an important place to release the book ahead of US(Amazon). So as soon as I saw the book I just grabbed it as if someone will snatch it from there before I do. I got some strange stares for the way I was holding that book, close to my heart(literally), till I have finished my entire shopping and paid for it.

For the time being I 'll place just two photos of this book, front cover and back cover.

I'll post more about this book after going through it. It sure looks very, very good, with many pages dedicated for the background information about this character, author and artist. The pictures look great, I guess the size of the strip is same as the original strips published in newspapers.

Book details:

X-9: Secret Agent Corrigan Volume 1
By: Archie Goodwin Al Williamson
ISBN: 1600106978    ISBN-13: 9781600106972
Publisher: IDW Publishing - 2010-09-21
Format: Hardcover
List price: USD 49.99

I still couldn't believe that I have this book with me now. I'm pretty excited, to say the least.

I'm still wondering whether I'm the first one to get this book before anyone else on this planet. :-)

Happy Reading!!!