Friday, August 31, 2007

Just couple of things...

If posting of the latest Muthu Cover comparing it with old Fleetway covers has conveyed the impression that I was critisizing the editor for copying, it is not the intention. It is a trivia just like the earlier covers comparison for Comics Classics. As he holds the copyright for printing the stories, I guess he holds the copyright to use the covers as well. So I do not agree with the view that it is called "Copying". By using the old fleetway covers the issue only looks Classic in all sense, just like the good old Muthu golden days. Yes, as pointed out by Chezian and BN, Devil's Secret is published as "Malai Kottai Marmam" and The Mind Machine is published under the title "Microalaivarisai 848" in Muthu respectively.

Take a look at the covers once again. The difference between the lady's costume in Muthu and Fleetway cover. This is what the editor has meant in his article in Comics World, published in 2002. In his own words "In many ways MUTHU COMICS was a trendsetter for Tamil Comics. It provided clean fun – (scantily clad women in the stories were even given a modest covering-up by staff artists!!), excellent translation in Tamil and was always low-priced. Every other comic that came on the scene after MUTHU COMICS tried imitating this style."

As we are in the covers topic, take a look at the latest CC cover and its original.

Second thing is about the inner page scans of Pudhayal Vettai. I forgot to mention that those were provided by our friend Dr Sathish(Kovai). In fact, he has also done the proof reading of the posting for logical errors(!!!), which is, of late, becoming a habit for me.

As there is one more blog( by Rafiq Raja) which is covering the new issue releases, I'm not too keen on reviewing the new issues, atleast for the time being. So the review for Lion 200 is not going to happen any time soon. May be, just may be possible, when the issue number 250 is due for release.:-)

With this we come to the end of this short update.



Rafiq Raja said...

Muthufan, Thanks for referring about my blog in your post. It adds all the more value to keep writing more from my end.

As I started the comic habit onnly in the late 80's (mainly due to my age ;)), I don't have the profound skillset to comment on the old classics.... so i leave it to the master thyself :)

While, I will try to put bits and pieces of what I know in my blogs, obviously they could only refer to the new ones, as I pass through :)

Talking of Covers, I presume no one will term Prakash as copying ever... infact, instead of using the cover directly, the way they recreate it adds all the more localized value for the markets... Hopefully, we will get to receive the CC and Muthu as soon as possible.

Viswa said...

Dear MuthuFan,

off late, i wanted to be the 1st person to put a comment whenever you post something new. However, My der Friend Rafiq has taking that honour from me (Of course, My Work also demands that i take time off from the connecting points of my life).

Anyway, you've dissappointed me by saying that there will be no review of the lion cowboy special. We are accustomed to read the Review of the movies in Anandha Vikatan, Hindu etc, which was more interesting than watching the movie itself.

Likewise, your review will always be something special to that book itself. Kindly give the finishing touch to that.

Thanks & Regards,

Viswa Nathan.D
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Anonymous said...

Muthufan, you have so correctly pointed out, and I noticed only after reading your article about how the Editor adjusts the glamorous female images to make them more family friendly.

Viswa, Rafiq also has the very first post in the Lion comics discussion forum. It is really good for other fans that between you, Muthufan, BN, Sathish and Rafiq, we can get the latest info on matters relating to comics as well as the release of latest issues.

With regards, Saleem

Viswa said...

Hi All,

Received Muthu Comics Issue Number 307 "Kaatril Karaindha Kadhanayagan" Yesterday. It also has another story of Agent Steel.

Nice Story & Must Read.

Thanks & Regards,

Viswa Nathan.D
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Anonymous said...

Tamil nadu, India

Hi All,

Got The Latest Muthu Comics from King Viswa Yesterday. Very nice to read a Muthu Comics after a Long Time (3-4 Months).By the way, Katril Karaindha Kadhanayagan (Agent Roger Moore) is a Nice story. This book has another story also (Feauturing Agent John Steel).

Ofcourse, it was refreshing to see that this issue of Muthu comics has many announcements on the forthcoming issues (Next Month is Agent John Steel, Followed by Martin Mystery - Poonil oru Pinam, Followed By Detective Julian - Norungiya Naanal Marmam, Young BlueBerry etc).

Happy Reading Guys.
Chezhiyan Kumaraswami.

Anonymous said...

Tamil nadu, India

Hi All,

Just Now bought The Lucky Luke Series from TARA Press,New Delhi, India.

Tara Press is a Trade Imprint of India Research Press ( and they do have the Exclusive English language publishing rights for Lucky Luke for the indian subcontinent.

Currently they do have 7 Titles of Lucky Luke in English:

(1) Western Circus (Super Circus in Tamil-Mini Lion Comics)
(2) Jesse James (Jesse James in Tamil-Lion Comics)
(3) Calamity Jane (Adhiradi Jane in Tamil-Lion Comics)
(4) Dalton City (Dalton Nagaram in Tamil-Lion Comics)
(5) Ma Dalton (Taai illamal Naan illai in Tamil-Lion Comics)
(6) The Dashing White Cow Boy (Medai'il Oru Manmadhan in Tamil-Lion Comics)
(7) The TenderFoot - Yet to be published in Tamil.

Out of these, 5 titles are available in all the LandMark shops in the same section as that of Asterix and TinTin (Dalton City & Calamity Jane are not available in all the LandMark).

All these titles are priced at Rs 195.00 & available in the same size as that of Asterix. The Paper Quality is Good (170 GSM). However, the printing quality is not up to the mark.

it seems they have used the same scanned covers of the old issues (Example-First page of Western Circus). The Colours are dull & the lettering is also not upto the mark.
The less said about the Translation the better. However, they have made an attempt to get world qulaity comics in india and this has to be appreicated.

By the way, the word is that they are on the verge of publishing Iznogud (Madhi illa mandhiri) in English as well. Talks are also on to get XIII in India very soon.

Post Script 1:Part 19 of the XIII Saga is out in french with Jean Van Hamme contribution. Have a look.

Post Script 2: There is a New Comic series by the name of Srirou & this is available in Euro Kids series with 11 titles and priced at Rs 195.00. Am just waiting for the inputs from Comic Jaambavans like Muthufan, Viswa, Rafiq, ERB, BN, Dr Sathish to write about these books before buying them.

Thanks & Regards,

Happy Reading Guys.
Chezhiyan Kumaraswami