Tuesday, August 07, 2007

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Rafiq Raja said...

Pictures speak millions. It's an age old tradition that most of the indian artists, use foreign art as a portrait for their drawings, and Lion/Muthu is no different.

Even the recent, Virgin comics brand is none more than a replica of the art style followed by Marvel in US.

But, given the quality of the original cover arts, I believe Muthu's cover could have been better. :(

Viswa said...

Dear Muthu Fan,

My Goodness. You Are Simply Awesome. The way you are able to recollect & Post those 2 Covers As soon As You've Seen the Muthu Scan is Great.

Keep Up The Good Work.

All The Very Best.

Thanks & Regards,

Viswa Nathan.D
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Anonymous said...

you are a muthucyclopidia dear friend, keep on your good work
with regards

BN (USA) said...

As soon as I saw the Muthu cover, I immediately recognized the two Johnny Nero issues where these images were lifted from. Muthufan has gone further and actually made a blog article :)

Those two Johnny Nero books were actually published in Muthu long ago. "Devil's secret" is Malaikottai marmam and I forgot what the other one is.. and am too lazy to look up :) The first Muthu issues used to have these original fleetway covers actually. Nowadays they use actor Abbas (kollaikara mayavi) and Dev Anand (parakkum pisasu) portraits to draw Mayavi :)

Rafiq Raja said...

Hahaha.... I didnt notice the similarity of Dev Anand, and Abbas in the covers, but now realize it. BN you have probing eyes :)

Anonymous said...

I actually like this montage technique adopted by Muthu comics. Several covers done in this fashion have been absolutely marvelous. Putting together images from different covers or even important scenes from the story have created some memorable covers. BN pointed out that the devils secret was published by Muthu comics under the tile Malaikkottai marmam. The mind machine was published under the title micro alaivarisai 848.

Muthufan's previous post on pudhaiyal vettai shows excellent front and back cover scans which were put together from scenes inside the book. This technique gave us my most favorite muthu covers that of the original manjal poo marmam and beirutil johnny. My view is that Muthu comics covers have always been better than even the original fleetway covers. Though the fleetway covers were printed on thick cover material, they had a matted finish whereas the original Muthu issues always had a glossy finish which made them look wonderful when new, but as years went by they do fall apart due to the covers being so thin.

Thanks again to Muthufan for the excellent images.

With regards, Saleem

Suresh said...

Superb article. I am really amazed with the knowledge and dedication you have on comics.

Keep up the good work :)

Anonymous said...

Chezhiyan K
Tamil Nadu

Sorry For Putting My Comments Little Bit Late, MuthuFan. I Got married for the First TiMe Last Month & Was On HoneyMoon Trip & Hence Couldnt Post any comments on this.

By the Way, Devil's Secret Got Published in Muthu As "Malai Kottai Marmam " and the Mind Machine was Published as "Micro AlaiVarisai 848".

Vey Good Posting on the Covers & kEEP uP The Good Work muthu Fan.

By The Way, Am still looking or your review on the Lion CowBoy Special.

Have Fun.


nithish said...

Dear Muthu fan ,
I am a regular reader of your articles.Please try to post the cover scans of Muthu 1-120,Minilion, Junior lion and Thigil, since they are very rare to get.
Please post page 4 & 5 of pudhayal vettai also,since I need them desperately.

BN_USA said...

Lion forum looks like it has been updated, and they have announced new Classics issue "Kaatril Karaindha Kappalgal"/Moolaithirudargal.

I somehow do not feel like participating in that forum any more. This comment section is much nicer and easier to stay in touch with fellow muthu fans :)

Rafiq Raja said...

There is no news of already updated Muthu Cover Scan yet, but now see CC also updated alongwith, this to go with the earlier announcement of Lion #201, which is to be released as anniversary special on July..... Prakash Publishers really need to do something to their absence, maybe it is purposefully done by them :)

By the way, I have an article about Biggles on my blog Comicology. Kindly visit and pass your comments about this unheralded european comic hero.

Rebel Ravi said...

From The Desk Of Rebel Ravi:


excellent post on the cover comparison. You are the one who is inspiring many comics bloggers.waiting for your next post.

Jai Ho.
Rebel Ravi,
Change is the Only constant thing in this world.