Sunday, October 16, 2005


Thanks for pointing out my lapses about Editor's hotline!!!

I have checked all the issues once again and found that I have infact missed out Editor's hotline from 5 issues!!! They are reproduced below for your information!!!!

1. Hotline from Issue 2.

2. Hotline from Issue 5.

3. Hotline from Issue 6.

4 Hotline from Issue 7.

5. Hotline from Issue 9.

Also included is the subscription information for CC below(as of Oct 2005)!!!

Oh!!!Just one more thing!!! The cover!!! A thick cover, in the lines of present Muthu and Lion was used for issue 15. But not followed afterwards. This card board type cover will definitely help to preserve the comics for longer duration. Why not use the same type for the furture issues????

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Saleem said...

Mr. Muthufan,

This has become my most favorite place on the web. Along with the most interesting content, you also made my day by sending me the scans of Beirutil Johnny, and Manjal Poo Marmam. You are absolutely wonderful. Thank you.

The only problem is all this nostalgic stuff is very addictive. When I decided to take up a hobby last year for recreation and rejuvenation, I chose to go back to my old interest of Tamil comics. Basketball, and American football bored me to death and I was happy to find the lion comics website. Now as I see more more info about the books, many of them are not available, I am beginning to feel restless about how I can read them again. I do not go overboard about anything, but I think on this matter, I will make an exception since it is harmless and such fun.

I am wondering what are the chances of you posting the cover scans of all the Muthu issues that you have. On your website, the cover scans of all Fleetway issues are so amazing. I don't know if you have any old Muthu issues scans on your website. I found only two, the very first issue cover with a magnificent write up to go with it, and the cover scan of Kaanamal Pona Vaarisugal, a favorite story of mine. I was not able to open some of the links, so you may or may not have had other cover scans of old Muthu issues.

Anyway, sorry if this is too much to ask. But if you can put more cover scans, it will be absolutely marvelous.

RAMG75 said...

Hi MuthuFan

This is a great start for our Lion,Muthu and CC comics.

The scanned cover pages are the ones which made this effort of yours very different.

Expecting more scan cover pages of Lion, Muthu, Mini, Junior and Thigil. After all seeing old comics covers itself a trigger to go past in time to re-enter my childhood. Personally i request you to continue this site.

All the very best