Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I always wanted to have a place of my own in the web to discuss about my passion...Comics!!! Specifically about the comics I have read and enjoyed!!! Mostly Tamil and English!!!

With this in mind, I have hosted couple of sites and between 2001 and 2005. However I have realised that maintaining the site in Tamil is not so easy. With little or no encouragement from the readers, soon I have lost interest. The sites are still there, but not updated frequently to keep them alive and interesting. Also everytime I get a new info I have to edit the whole page or site, to upload the info, 'cause the whole thing is in Tamil(so it has to be edited using a Tamil editor), which is time consuming. This did not suit me at all. I just wanted to have a place where I can upload something very quickly, sort of a chaotic yet organised place and get the feedback from the readers, that can be viewed by all. Those two sites did not quite fit to this requirement. A web site has to be a organised place, where as I'm not. So I was thinking what else to do???

Some time in April,2005 I came across a comics site dedicated to the Indrajal Comics, which posts the scans of Old Indrajals. Blogs are formal and yet informal place where the like minded people can have a go!!! So I thought, "OK let me give it a try!!! If this works, fine, if it doesn't, let's see what else can be done".

So here we are, at the first posting of Muthu Fan's Blog, which will be discussing about the Comics, Comics and Comics!!!! I'll soon be posting info about Comics Classics including all the cover scans.

Apart form this casual blog style, the major difference between my sites and this blog will be the language. I'll not be posting anything in Tamil(atleaset, not yet anyway). It is too much of a hassle to do the typing in Tamil and hosting it as HTML. Don't know whether this will make it more/less attractive!!!

Don't expect any full issue scans, at best you can get the cover scans and hotline or other pages for which I have permission to display.

And finally about the name. I wanted to use, but unfortunately it was already taken!!! By whom???? Don't know!!! So I had to settle for something else. muthufanblog sounded OK to me!!!

Drop a line if you like, hate, enjoy this postings!!!!

See you later!!!



The Comic Project said...

Hey Muthu

Allow me to be the first to congratulate you on starting this thing off. I wish you the best of luck. Too bad your first effort didnt go off as successfully as you might have wanted, but I am sure this one will. I happened to stumble upon the option of doing this on a blog by accident. Believe me, it was an experiment that seems to be slowly showing results. Let me know if you need any help. Will see how I can mention your effort on TCP.

Muthu Fan's Comics Blog said...

Thanks TCP.

I love visiting your blog.

Read all the postings so far. Keep it up. To be frank, I liked the comments you post than the comics itself. Only after seeing the response to your blogs, I have decided to give it a try!!!

Saleem said...

From Saleem in Tampa

To Mr. Muthufan,

I saw your post on Lion comics website and then visited this blog. I also visited your website again today. I have previously visited the site as well. It is excellent. I have always enjoyed the cover scans on your website.

I visited as well since you said that name was already taken. There are no posts there, but it does have two links one to the lion website and one to yours.

From visiting the lion comics website, it seems to me that there may only be about fifty regular visitors to that website. So I could imagine that you yourself and the Editor of Lion/Muthu are not very encouraged about the amount of support. I am hoping that this will change soon as more and more people in Tamil Nadu get access to computer and internet.

In the meantime, as someone who has enjoyed the content of your website very much, I would like to say thanks.

RAMG75 said...

Hi MuthuFan,

This is a great start for our Lion,Muthu and CC comics.

The scanned cover pages are the ones which made this effort of yours very different.

Expecting more scan cover pages of Lion, Muthu, Mini, Junior and Thigil. After all seeing old comics covers itself a trigger to go past in time to re-enter my childhood. Personally i request you to continue this site.

All the very best !!!

ahmed s said...

Great Job Mr.Muthufan!!Keep it going!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Muthufan,
Went through comics history.Kudos for you!!!You are doing a great service to the comics fan.
Please keep your good work.
Ahmed Shaw.

GKD said...

Hello !

I visited your Tripoid site and also dropped a mail. Later I found your blogspot.

Congrats and keep-up the good work.

Atma K Ravi said...

Dear Muthu,

I am so glad to visit your blog and understand the difficulties in doing the web page in Tamil. My Name is Atma K Ravi from chennai, having same profession like you. I am basically Story board Artist in the media. In 2003 I made one interesting Full length comic story under the title Kadal Marmam. Due to finanacial crunch this comic has not gone for print as I expected. In fact I have taken few copies in the form of book given to various people including in the cine line to evaluate the story and art pictures. But you know many of the story version was stolen from my comic Kadal Murmam. I hope you might have seen the recent Kamalhasn's movie Dasavatharam, which was based on my storyline and many of my Art work was taken from the book. When I happen to see the Dasavatharam still I was in a state of shock that almost many of my stills were copies and reproudced by them. Because I am financially weak and I have no outside support I could not able to fight with them for the piracy.
I have full evidance on my hand to prove that my comic story was stolen by them.

Now I have many comic stories (with story board) readily available for print and circulation. I hope as comic producer you understand my problems and difficluties and I need your help and support.

Atma K Ravi Animator, Story board Aritist & Illustrator cum wirter

Saranya said...

i find tis blog interesting... i enjoy tis...
likes likes...
I am searching for a series "Chittu pen pinky" from Thangamalar-Dinathanthi...
Any possibility that i get it???
or can yo suggest some similar comic... ty