Saturday, October 22, 2005

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In this issue we will be dealing with some TRIVIA about CC!!!

I have noticed some interesting things about the CC covers. Look at the cover of Nadunisi Kalvan and Kollaikara Maayavi. I think the same sketch of the hand was used in both the covers. And Maayavi in the cover of Kollaikara Maayavi look like actor Abbas, than the face we are used to!!!

Covers of Paathala Nagaram and Paambu Theevu has got some similarities!!!

Not many differences between the covers of Flight 731 and The Destroyers(Panikkadalil Bayangara Erimal in Muthu) of Fleetway!!!

Very identical covers used for Johnny In London and The Shadows of the Samurai(Johnny in Japan in Muthu) of Fleetway!!!

Except for minot change in Spider's expression, cover of Sirupillai Vilayattu and Spider(Saithan Vinjani in Lion) of Fleetway are same!!!

Covers of Marma Theevil Maayavi and Treason by Request(Kollaikaara Maayavi in Muthu) of Fleetway has lot of similarities!!!

And finally the covers of Thikilootum Nimidangal and Phantom Captain(Kollaikaara Pisasu in Muthu) of Fleetway!!!

I think there are many instances where the cover used for one story is also used for another story during the reprint run of Muthu in 80s. Do you know any cover which was used partially or wholly??? Please let me know.

Next to come is a big write-up about Muthu Comics Vaaramalar(MCV)!!!

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Saleem said...

This blog is now the encyclopedia on Muthu comics. The comparison of CC covers and Fleetway covers was fantastic.

A long time ago, I found the lion comics website by searching for Tamil comics on Google. While doing so, I had come across several old web pages where dozens of people had posted queries about comics gems. I hope those people are able to find this blog.

I have a couple of queries. Around 1979 or thereabouts, when Muthu comics was at around issue number 100, I repeatedly saw a title named "the raiders of FEAR" which was supposed to have been released in English. I never saw it in our local book stores. If you check titles that came out around 1980-81 from about issue number 102 to 110, you will see this title listed on available books. If you have this issue, please put the cover scan as well as an article on the storyline.

Also, when the first issues of Rip Kirby (pudhayal vettai), Modesty (Kazhugu malai kottai), and Charlie and Corrigan (not sure what the titles were) came out, I as well as many comics fans of that time were initially disappointed because we wanted only Maayavi, lawrence/david or may be Johnny Nero. But after reading the issues, everyone liked them so much that we used to read and reread them a lot. Today they are classics. Hope you will have cover scans of these first issues of those other top heroes.

When I visited your website, some info I saw there was very interesting to me. For years now, everyone knows that Muthu comics does not get released every month. We somehow expected it to be a monthly. But in the article you did on the very first issue of Muthu comics on your website, on the scans of the inside pages of the issue that advertise issue # 2, 3, and 4, I found that they were scheduled to release every other month, a gap of two months between issues.

Thanks again for your great effort that I am sure will bring a lot of joy to everyone lucky enough to find this blog.

BN (USA) said...

The original Muthu series in the 70's used the original Fleetway cover art as well for most of the fleetway issues...

Rafiq Raja said...

Hi Muthufan,

Indeed some wonderful articles posted by your in recent days about Comics Classics. Infact, that brings me onto an idea which was conceived by me and Suresh (Bangalore) long back. We have been thinking of creating a complete site featuring all the cover scans of our Lion, Muthu, CC, and others. So far that thought always have remained in concept and never materialized. May be the reason being the size of the thought. Now you have re-kindled that idea, by starting of with a complete CC cover scan collection. Let's Hope I end up fulfilling the dream in the near future. Hats of to you for your contributions to the Tamil Comics World.

By the way, I never knew that comic project too is a tamilian. But pity, he doesn't understand the language though :)

Talking about Saleem's comment, eventhough the originally Muthu would have been designed to be released once every two months, later it was scheduled to be a monthly issue only. I still remember, our Editor mentioning in some Hotlines, that Muthu gets released on 1st of the month, and Lion 15th of the month. So, only our Editor needs to answer why is that not being followed at all.

BN (USA) said...

Actually "The Phantom Captain" is "Thisai Mariya Kappalgal". "Kollaikkara Pisasu" Was "The phantom Pirate" I think....

sathish said...
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sathish said...


Nice 2 see u back in full blow. I am hoping 2 see ur posts regularly from here on.

I sent u a mail regarding cover reprints. If u don't have it I'm sending u the text content of the mail. Search ur database 4 the scans & post them. It'll be very interesting 4 others.

The cover of “Secret Agents Series #1: Meet Johnny
Nero”, was used in “Muthu #205, ‘Thurukkiyil Johnny
Nero’ (Reprint)”.

The cover of “Secret Agents Series #13: The Master
Minds”, was used in “Muthu #24, ‘Malaikkottai
Marmam’”. I’ve also enclosed the cover scan of “Muthu
#18: Moolai Thirudargal”, which was the corresponding

The cover of “Secret Agents Series #7: Trail of
Terror”, was used in “Muthu #252: Oru Marma Iravu”.
This story featured “Sherlock Holmes”.

The cover of “Secret Agents Series #26: Treacherous
Trail”, was used in “Muthu #147: Manjal Poo Marmam
(Reprint)”. I’ve also enclosed the original cover scan
of “Muthu #11: Manjal Poo Marmam”

The cover of “Secret Agents Series #24: The
Destroyers”, was used in “Comics Classics #: Manjal
Poo Marmam (Reprint)”.

The cover of “Secret Agents Series #9: The Murder
Corporation”, was used in “Muthu #155: Formula X-13

The cover of “Secret Agents Series #11: Fatal
Formula”, was used in “Muthu #15: Sadhigaarar Sangam”.

The cover of “Secret Agents Series #14: The
Underground Jungle”, was used in “Muthu #17: Formula

The cover of “Secret Agents Series #4: Call for
Barracuda”, was used in “Muthu #222: Oru Kaidhiyin

The cover of “Secret Agents Series #2: Code Name
Barracuda”, was used in “Muthu #238: Kaanaamal Pona
Joker”. The corresponding issue was C.I.D. Lawrence.

The cover of “Secret Agents Series #18: Crime Buster”,
was used in “Muthu #160: Thalai Kaetta Thanga
Pudhaiyal (Reprint)”. I’ve also enclosed the cover
scan of “Muthu #27: Sirai Paravaigal”, which was the
corresponding issue".

I’ve enclosed the cover scan of “Muthu #12: Beiruttil
Johnny”. The original cover of the corresponding
issue, “Secret Agents Series #23: Trouble in Turkey”,
was used in “Muthu #154: Beiruttil Johnny (Reprint)”.



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