Saturday, October 15, 2005

Thanks for the encouraging messages for my first post!!!

Let's get started!!!!

We will talk about Comics Classics(CC in short) in this posting!!!

If you have read and enjoyed Muthu comics in your schools days, then Comics Classics should make you to relive those wonderful days, again!!!. Take a look at the message from the editor about this new member to the Muthu family.

Comics Classics was started in late 90s to rekindle Muthu comics Nostalgia for the old timers. It sure does!!! As of Oct 2005, 19 issues have been released. Each issue of CC has two stories, exceptions are issue 9(only one story), 10(three stories) and 18(three stroies). The combination of stories for early issues are the same combination used in the Fleetway Super Library series of 1967/68(which is the original series in United Kingdom, in which the original stories appeared). The combination is Steel Claw(Maayavi) and Spider in the Stupendous Series and Barracuda & Frollo(Lawrence & David in Muthu) and Johnny Nero in the Secret Agent series for the Fleetway. The same combination was used in 12 issues of CC as well. For more about the Fleetway Muthu link visit here.

Though the editor has announced that there will be four issues per year, I guess it was never fulfilled. Particlarly it has become very sporadic in the years 2001/2002. Issue number 10 was released in Dec 2001 and issue number 19 was released in Sep 2005, which means only 9 issues in four years, and it also means 2/3 issues per year. Atleast 2005 has seen three issues(17,18 and 19) so far(as of Oct 2005). Hopefully the fourth CC for the year 2005 is released before Dec 2005 making it an ideal year for CC. Recent announcement about taking subscription for CC should appeal to those who hate to visit the shops frequently.

Quality and the size of the books merits a deeper discussion!!!!.

Though the print quality is not quite the same as the original first print of 70's, they are passable. Of course in some issues the lettering is so bad, you have to use a magnifier to read it. And smudging is also another issue with the pictures. Thalai Ketta Thanga Pudhayal is an example for this. Take a look at a page form this book below.

I guess the reason for the bad quality print is that the original blocks can no longer be used as they are too soiled and the actual books from Muthu were used for printing the CC. So we have to be satisfied with "Something is better than nothing!!!". The best in the series for print quality is Micro Alai Varisai 848. I guess the whole artwork was redone for this issue. Take a look at a page from this gem. How nice it would be, if all the CC issues are produced with this quality!!!.

However the pocket size decision is a welcome one, as it is easy to handle and definitely value for money. 244+ pages for ten rupees is a bargain. Pocket size(the success formula of Lion) was used for the all the issues, except 9!!! The format for 9 was the result of the many overseas(old) readers asking the editor to print it in the original size. However I guess this did not work out very well, as the size was reverted to pocket size from 10 onwards, and it stays that way.

Characters appeared so far in the CC are:
1. Maayavi(11 stories)
2. Spider(8 stories)
3. Johnny Nero(8 stories)
4. Lawrence & David(8 stories)
5. Tex Willer (One story)
6. Irubukkai Norman (One story)
7. Robot Archie (Two story)

I think it would be a good idea to include the Corrigan, Rip Kirby, Cisco Kid, Johnny Hazard and Buz Sawyer issues in the CC. And why not Phantom and Mandrake as well???? On second thoughts, may be Phantom is not a good choice, as many stories were already published in Rani comics. Editor has thought of including the Reporter Johhny story in the second issue. However for some reasons he has dropped the idea. Talking about the forthcoming issues announcement, I have noticed that many times, the announced story was changed at the last minute(whatever it means!!!). Most of the times this is the norm, rather than exception. Anyway I do not have any complaints about the substituted story, it is also equally good :-). By the way, issue number 19 does not have any announcement for the next issue. However I guess CC project would not be shelved any time soon.

As pointed out by BN in the Lion Comics discussion forum, many of the golden oldies are not yet printed. Titles mentioned by him are:
1. Katril Karaintha Kappalgal
2. Panikkadalil Bayangara Erimalai
3. Vaanveli Kollaiyar
4. CID Lawrence(not so good anyway)
5. Moolai Thirudargal
6. Beirutil Johnny
7. Thanga Viral Marmam(one of my favorite)
8. Nayagaravil Mayavi(another favorite of mine)
9. Naasa Alaigal
10. Iyanthirathalai Manithargal(One of Editor's top 10)
11. Johnny in Paris(Is it really a classic)
12. Uraipani Marmam
13. Malaikottai Marmam

What is missing in CC is the hotline!!! As the editor is giving his input in the other two regulars(Muthu and Lion), he should also give some background info about the CC as well. He has done this on only two issues of CC(Hotline from issue 1 was shown above & hotline from 3 is shown below).

Since he is writing something about the history of Lion Comics in each issue, he should use CC to give the historic info about the issues. Atleast why he has selected the story, how was the response when it was first released, etc etc. And what about Vasakar feedback section????

What can make CC more interesting? Or is it OK to maintain as it is? Post your comments!!!

Dr Sathish from Kovai, has helped me with the cover scans of the first issue and as well as the inside scans of Editor's hotline section in the same issue. He has sent me many more scans as well, which I'll be using in the furture posts. A big thanks Dr Sathish!!!

And finally here is the list and the cover scans!!!!

1. Paathala Nagaram(Maayavi) Doctor Takkar(Spider)

2. Sathikarar Sangam(Johnny Nero) Sirai Paravaigal(Lawrence David)

3. Paambu Theevu(Maayavi) Kadaththal Kumizhigal(Spider)

4. Pazhi Vangum Paavai(Tex) Kolai Karam(Johnny Nero)

5. Kal Nenjan(Spider) Irumbukkai Maayavi

6. Flight 731(Lawrence David) Johnny IN London

7. Imayathil Maayavi Sirupillai Vilayattu(Spider)

8. Manjal Poo Marmam(Lawrence David) Thurukkiyil Johnny Nero

9. Kollaikara Pisasu(Maayavi)

10.Kadathal Mudhalaigal(Johnny Nero) Thavalai Ethiri(Spider)

11.Formula X-13(Lawrence David) Thisai Maariya Kappalgal(Lawrence David)

12.Newyorkil Maayavi Marma Theevu(Archie)

13.Kolai Padai(Spider) Nadunisi Kalvan(Maayavi)

14.Johnny IN Japan Thalai Ketta Thanga Pudhayal(Lawrence David)

15.Kolaikara Kalainjan(Johnny Nero) Vinnil Maraintha Vimanagal(Lawrence David)

16.Pazhi Vangum Bommai(Spider) Kollaikaara Maayavi

17.Microalaivarisai 848(Johnny Nero) Thanga Vettai(Archie)

18.Paathala Porattam(Spider) Parakkum Pisasu(Maayavi)

19.Marma Theevil Maayavi Thikilootum Nimidangal(Lawrence David)

If you have read up to this point, it means you are interested in the Tamil comics and my posting is somewhat interesting to read. Why don't you spend couple of minutes more to post your comments!!! That will help me to fine tune this blog!!!Thanks in advance.



Sankar said...


Great work. I know about you and your information about our Comics Issues. Write more about our comics. All the best.

With luv,
Sankar C.

The Comic Project said...

hey mate...congrats..good first release. I don't read, write or shit..even understand tamil too well (I am a tamilian), but comics have always been my favourite. I liked the cover characters on the comics on your post - look like 60s movie posters. A couple of characters - with the black shades - look like MGR dont they :-)

Anyway..will mention you on TCP very shortly. Am going to post a double issue this weekend

Saleem said...

This post is the best I have seen... ever about Tamil comics. All the cover scans of comics classics in one place and that too clearly visible even without enlarging.

I wonder what is the matter with comics classics covers. Some of them are amazing like Nadunisikkalvan, and Johnny in Japan, and some like Marmatheevil Mayavi and Micro Alaivarisai are disappointing.

I don't have several of these issues like Irumbukkai Mayavi, Sathikarar sangam, Siraipparavaigal, Paambutheevu, Paathala Nagaram, Imayathil Mayavi, Kalnenjan, Flight 731. I am wondering if I request the editor to print these as a special order since he must now have all the basic things still available, if he will oblige. What do you think, will it be disrespectful to ask?

I do have a special request. When I had my collection a long time ago, I had most of comics books in pristine condition, except for the original flight 731. I never knew what its front and back covers were. I bought this book three times. The first time I bought that book in an old book store, the covers and first six pages were missing. The second time was an improvement with cover and four pages missing. Finally, I bought one with all the pages, and no cover. Of course, I now have none of those books. Anyway, if you can get the front and back covers of original 731, it would be amazing. Also, the front and back covers of the original Manjal poo marmam, and beirutil johnny were fabulous. It will be amazing to be able to see them again. If you will please see if you have them in your collection or possibly one of your contacts have them, that will be fantastic.

Thanks once again for this current wonderful post.

Terry Hooper said...

Allow me to congratulate you on putting together a wonderful site! I am going to start recommending it to people I know interested in world comics. I will also place a link on my
site so people there can visit.
Well Done!
Terry Hooper

The Comic Project said...

you have to update more it weekly atleast... that is how you can make people more aware..dont let being busy be a hurdle...plan for 3-4 posts when you have time and keep posting at regular intervals.

radja said...

What a dedicated work to comics. Hats off again to Muthufan for his wonderful script about Lucky Luke.
Regards, Radja

tamil tamil tamil said...

hi .. sorry for my late entry to this wonder full ,, blog ..

in my childhood days my heroes are phantom mayavi (mugamoodi)in kumudham and seperate books and ur irumbu kai mayavi.. still i searched in some old book stalls..

when comparing to that olden days , really it is very fain full , now lot of costly and boring english comics are available but not in tamil .. very sorrow .. some things will be more sweet in our own language , including comics ..

is there any possible to get that tamil comics .. in colour and in volumes ..?

அப்பாதுரை said...

Is it possible to buy these comics? Either online or during a visit to India?

Muthu Fan's Comics Blog said...

Yes, you can buy some of the CC issues directly from the publishers even now. You can call them +91-4562-272649 to get more information,


♥Manny♥ said...


Really a Nice Collections you have.

My Native is Virudhunagar. I was a big fan (i can say I was mad) about tamil comics. Irumbu kai mayavi was(is) my favorite hero. :-)

I used to buy books from the virudhunagar old bus stand book shop every week. Those are the days I finish the book within few hours and worried that I have to wait for the next book. Then I started visiting the old book stores around the Bazaar and bought many old comics books to read. They are my life's golden days. Thanks for remembering them.

I would like to collect the comics books again. I did not go there for a long time and I am planning to visit my native in near future. Are they selling tamil comics books these days???

Ramani Chandra said...


I am a big fan of Rani comics..still now..but im not getting tht books nowadays..Will i get atleast old books online? do u know any website or do u hve any ? if so plz publish tht books...I am eagerly waiting for ur reply..

comicspriyan said...




murugan said...

hey, great work. thanks a bunch

Erode M.STALIN said...

பல CC களை ஒரே பதிவில் பார்ப்பது ஒரு மகிழ்வுதான் . நன்றி நண்பரே !

ப . கார்த்திக் said...

i am great fan of this comics. How can i download this. please reply to

Vishnu vardhan Jaya prakash said...

Love irumbu kai maayavi.. Where can I get them online?

Vishnu vardhan Jaya prakash said...

Love irumbu kai maayavi.. Where can I get them online?

Unknown said...

Nice comics Muthu comics were my favourites in my childhood days. Still I am interested in Muthu and lion comics. It feels as if I see a thriller adventurous hollywood movie.